GEYA is a Chester County, PA youth recreational soccer league located in the Glenmoore & Eagle PA areas. We offer Spring and Fall Soccer for youths K-12 and a HIGH 5 Soccer Program for children with special needs.


GEYA Soccer Coaches’ Code of Conduct

1. I am representing GEYA, my team and my community and agree to act accordingly at all times.
2. I will learn and know the rules of the game and the policies of GEYA Soccer as documented on the GEYA Soccer Website and will support and uphold them always.
3. I understand that coaching is a position of trust. Therefore, I will be a positive role model for my players and will maintain my personal integrity and dignity at all times.
4. I will demand a sports environment that is free from drugs, alcohol and tobacco and will refrain from their use at all games, exhibitions, practices and events. I will never coach a game or conduct a practice under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
5. I will never swear, use profanity or make obscene gestures, or engage in any inappropriate behavior or conduct, at any time.
6. I will always remember that my players are involved in GEYA Soccer for fun and enjoyment, and I will do everything possible to keep the game fun and enjoyable. I am a youth coach and understand that the game is for the children, not the adults.
7. When expected, I will follow the Mercy Rule when my team is up by three goals (or four if in the Coed division) or more, and will do everything possible to keep the score within reason so as not to embarrass the opposing team.
8. I will always have a positive attitude and will always praise my players for trying hard, playing fair and doing their best, regardless of the outcome of the game.
9. I will never criticize or yell at any player for making a mistake. I will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse in youth sports.
10. I understand that winning is a consideration, but not the only one, nor the most important one. I will place the well-being of every player above my personal desire to win. I will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
11.I understand that being a coach means being, first and foremost, a teacher. I will teach my players basic skills, techniques and strategies, and will give all my players the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and develop self-esteem at practice and in games.
12. I will always display good sportsmanship and fair play, and will encourage the same from my players, colleagues, opponents, parents and spectators.
13. I will treat my players in a fair and equal manner. I will stress that teamwork and being a team player are more important than individual objectives.
14. I will know and understand GEYA playing time guidelines and will give every player an opportunity to play as much as possible. I will never, knowingly or intentionally, violate any provision of the GEYA playing time guidelines.
15. I will maintain an open line of communication with my players and parents. I will explain goals and objectives for the team, as well as the rules of the game and the policies of GEYA, whenever requested or necessary, to the best of my ability.
16. I will inspect all equipment and fields on a regular basis to ensure the safety of my players.
17.  I will respect the referees and game officials and their authority during every game. I will never dispute, challenge or excessively argue any decisions made by them, or confront any referee or league official at the field before, during or after the game. Whenever necessary, I will take the time to calmly and rationally discuss any situation or call made during a game with a referee or league official.
18. I acknowledge that this Code of Conduct has been adopted by GEYA Soccer and agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action by GEYA Soccer that could include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Warning
  • Probation
  • Game suspension
  • Season suspension
  • Removal from program
19. In the event a situation arises which calls for interpretation, GEYA Soccer will take into account the best interests of each athlete, the entire team, GEYA Soccer, and the integrity of the soccer game.
20. A GEYA Soccer Board decision on issues related to any of the items in this code of conduct will be final.
Revised 7/2014