GEYA is a Chester County, PA youth recreational soccer league located in the Glenmoore & Eagle PA areas. We offer Spring and Fall Soccer for youths K-12 and a HIGH 5 Soccer Program for children with special needs.

Parent's Responsibilities
The parent or guardian plays a key role in the development of the soccer player. Obviously the parent or guardian has tremendous influence on the values, attitude, and outlook on life that a child develops, including those related to the playing of soccer.
  1. I provide positive support and encouragement to my child, other players on their team, and to opponents
  2. I promote practice at home.
  3. As needed, I bring my child to practice (typically 15 minutes early) and games (typically 30 minutes early) on time.
  4. As needed, I notify the coach when practices or games will be missed or arrived at late.
  5. I allow the coach to coach.
  6. I allow the players to play.
  7. I allow the referee and linesmen to call the game.
  8. I will remember my child made the team, not me.
  9. I support the team by volunteering with telephone calls, etc.
  10. I support the club by volunteering at signups, tournaments, etc.
  11. I am positive and I look for positives in the coach, players, and referees.
  12. I have reasonable and realistic expectations.
  13. I remind my child not to get down on themselves and to keep playing hard.
  14. I remember not to take myself too seriously during the game.
  15. I maintain a “Fun is #1” attitude.
  16. I know and understand the rules of the game. If I don’t understand a rule or call, I ask someone who knows.
  17. I know and follow club rules and policies.
  18. I help my child fulfill their obligation to the team.
  19. I encourage my child to talk to the coach as needed.
  20. I am a role model of good sportsmanship and expect my child to be the same:
  21. I control my temper
  22. I accept the decisions of officials with good grace
  23. I treat players, coaches, other parents, opponents, and officials with fairness, generosity, courtesy, and respect
  24. I develop my child’s respect for the ability of opponents and for the judgement of referees and opposing coaches
  25. I discourage unfair gamesmanship
  26. I will not use profanity, abusive language or negative personal remarks.
  27. I understand that GEYA Soccer is organized around the principle of fun for everyone involved.